Donations for using the medicalbus

There are gradations of donation categories in which groups can classify themselves (without being checked by us) and donate money according to their possibilities.

We are particularly keen to support self-organized groups and individuals.

If groups do not have the financial means, it is still possible to use the MedicalBus. It is then recommended that the groups/individuals take part in the maintenance/participate in a work assignment on the MedicalBus or similar. In this case, we can also offer our support in acquiring donations.

Recommended donation for use per day
3.50€ (necessary fixed costs) + 16.50 € wear and tear
Recommended donation for use per week
25 € (necessary fixed costs) + 100 € wear and tear
Recommended donation for use per month
100 € (necessary fixed costs) + 400 € wear and tear

1. financing or cost sharing of parking tickets or repression costs incurred by the vehicle owner is recommended depending on the situation. We differentiate between costs incurred due to negligence and repressive measures. Support from our side is possible.

2. cost sharing for damages

In the event of negligent use of the vehicle, inventory, borrowed items or in the event of accidents, the groups are required to share the costs of damage and costs incurred. We recommend a lump sum of 50% of the costs incurred. There is an option to pay more. Wear and tear, such as burst tires, are included in the fee and do not require any extra cost sharing.

3. NGOs, party-affiliated groups or similar bear 100% of the costs for damage and parking tickets.

4. "Political damage"

A group does not have to pay for damage such as smashed windows or similar due to political attitudes. In this case, we will work together to find a solution based on solidarity.

The MedicalBus is financed by donations.