Millions of people are still on the move for different reasons. Often there is no or only inadequate medical and hygienic care for them. As a result, physical and psychological problems and injuries remain untreated. People on the move*1 and homeless*2 are particularly affected by sore feet, abdominal pain, menstrual cramps, cuts, abrasions, (old) painful war injuries, headaches, aching limbs and back pain, as well as (sexual) experiences of violence, trauma and discrimination due to the circumstances and as a result of their migration. They also lack everyday necessities such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, soap, razors, nail scissors, menstrual products, diapers and hair clippers. Water and food supplies are also often a problem.

Even if they have made it to their destination, they often only have inadequate access to medical care that is fraught with bureaucratic obstacles. Treatment certificates for appointments with doctors, the illegalization of people, asylum procedures and accommodation in shared shelters are just some of the aspects that make it difficult for people on the move and homeless people to access medical care.

MedicalBus - Radical Aid against Borders

With the MedicalBus - Radical Aid against Borders project, we offer a loanable infrastructure in the form of a repurposed ambulance that emancipatory and self-organized groups and individuals can use to travel directly to the places where (primary) medical care is needed for people on the move and homeless people. For us, Radical Aid against Borders means providing fast and necessary help without huge obstacles and restrictions. We want to question, circumvent and overcome borders and dismantle them forever.

The MedicalBus can also be used to transport materials for a mobile kitchen and/or a mobile information point to cook hot food and tea/coffee for up to 200 people or to provide several cell phone charging stations and free WiFi. It is also possible to use the MedicalBus at major political, emancipatory events or demonstrations.

On the following pages, we explain exactly what we offer and how a lending process works. In addition to the infrastructure, we are also happy to share our knowledge, information and experience.

The vehicle was previously part of the directsupport structure ( and was used for the first time in this context.

We are not an NGO and finance the project through donations. We use the donations to pay for insurance, taxes, repairs and maintenance work on the MedicalBus. We do this project out of a political position and do not earn any money with it.

(Self-designation by and for) people who are on the move

(Self-designation by and for) people without permanent residence