Technical details and basic features.

We rent out a Mercedes Sprinter ambulance. This weighs less than 3.5 tons. This means you can drive it with a class B car driver's license. The bus has an automatic gearbox and runs on diesel. There are 3 seats in the front cabin. The rear superstructure (box) serves as a treatment room and can also be used as a sleeping area on trips. It is equipped with an examination table and plenty of storage space for all kinds of necessary materials.

The vehicle

● 3,5 t (Class B driving license) ● Differential lock ● Automatic transmission ● Rear view camera ● Automatic motor run-on ● Central locking system ● 3 Seats ● Battery charging unit

The box / Back part

● Heating box for mediaction ● Cooling box for medication ● Solar system 200 W ● AGM add-on battery ● multiple storage boxes ● Examination table ● Seats for examinations ● Oxygen bottle ● Storage compartments can be filled from the outside ● external 220 V connection ● 220 V plugs ● Outdoor spotlights for ambient lighting ● Auxiliary heating ● Air conditioning